On December 23, 1997, Darien & Serena's Crystal Clear Destiny (Page) opened its doors.  The site started out rather small, but in a short span of time, it began to sprawl, reaching 36MB by the Summer of 2001.  Now, because a major cut back in my allotted space, I have been forced to make some hard choices.  With a heavy heart, I must inform you that this site will focus solely on the relationship between Darien and Serena.  Therefore, the profiles and images of the Outer and Inner Senshi have been removed.  All Real Player and MP3 files have also been removed from the site.  However, not all is lost; the Archive will remain active as long as I continue receive submissions, which has been zip, zero, zilch since summer vacation.  I hope that you enjoy the new look around here and please feel free to browse around.

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